D'morvie scandal is allegedly a set of two separate footage showing a beautiful girl and her boyfriend having a steamy sexual encounter. The clip runs for roughly one minute but it clearly shows the intimate private moment of the couple from CDO.

People who already watched the viral video scandal said that the pretty girl is initially seen riding the c0#k of her boyfriend. The woman appears to be overwhelmingly happy with what she does to her partner. She is seen biting her lower lip and smiling while she poses for the camera.

She pumps several times and was teasing her man while the video camera was directed at her breast and her sexy tummy. At the middle of the video, she asked her boyfriend to do the missionary position.

The young man quickly moved and changed their sexual position and wiped some juices on her private part. The entire face of her boyfriend is also captured in the D'morvie scandal video.

Netizens have mixed reactions after watching the recent viral scandal. There are some who believe that the footage and others also claimed that there's a second clip called D'morvie scandal part 2.


However, a certain netizen refuted the report from certain blogs that the girl is a native folk of Cagayan de Oro. From the post of Danna Loraine Ranes Pizarro on social media, she said,

Kana lage gapataka ug Spread about sa "Cdo d'morvie scandal"
dili man gud ninyo gina Confirm. Nawa ragud naa na sa Jorpetz
Added on: 2015 "Lapu lapu cebu scandal" nya moingon mog sa Cdo na nga Scandal ? Lol adtu mo sa Jorpetz , dili ako nakakita ana ha?
Nahibalan ranako ky gesendan rako ana ug ako eshare sainyo para makamata mo sa "Cdo d'morvie scandal" Hahaha!

Do you think that d'morvie scandal is true? If part 2 is also related to this footage, then can someone share any verified information to conclude that the couple are indeed living in CDO?


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