tiya-pusit-27-year-old-boyfriend-nathan-villaThe Veteran comedienne Tiya Pusit revealed she and her 27-year-old boyfriend, Nathan Villa, are planning to tie the knot next year.

In an interview, Tiya Pusit shared that she and Nathan Villa have been living together for over a year now.

The couple said that they planned to marry this year but they decided to move the wedding next year because her brother is marrying his girlfriend this year - a Filipino belief that it is bad luck for siblings to get married within the same year.

Despite their 37-year age gap, Tiya Pusit said she has already met Villa’s family and that they are not against their relationship.

The actress said her only problem is how to address Villa’s parents because she is older than them. “Mas matanda pa ako sa kanila. Anong itatawag ko sa kanila?” she asked.

Asked if she thinks they are sexually compatible, Tiya Pusit gave out a good laugh and said: “Naku, walang sex. Meron kasi akong hypertension, kaya bawal akong ma-excite masyado. Minsan sinubukan namin, ayun, ospital ang bagsak ko.” -- ABS-CBN news


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