Rapbeh girl in real life was identified by the netizens as Claire Marielle Miralo. Certain posts on Facebook mentioned her home address in Valenzuela city, but the said location remains a mystery if she is indeed living in that area.

Part 2 of Claire Miralo's video scandal immediately surfaced online and a series of Rapbeh videos were released thereafter. Part 3 is more of an audio content rather than visual since the footage was poorly shot in a very dark surrounding. The alleged part 4 of Rapbeh girl's sex scandal even looks too bogus.


As the netizens keep on searching for the download links of Rapbeh videos and Claire Marielle's photos, fake clips are also making waves on the internet causing some difficulties for the online users to find the relevant videos.

The truth behind the Rapbeh scandal videos

From the four videos, the most pertinent Rapbeh video scandal was the first clip that was uploaded last weekend. The remaining footages are simply created by fake websites who are using the viral topic to monetize their irrelevant contents.


A certain blog site made a detailed explanation and description of the viral clips. The same website carefully gathered the information from various sources to validate the accuracy of the post. Here's the excerpt of the article.

There are two versions of the said scandal which are named part 1 and part 2. The shorter version of the controvesial RapBeh video has been allegedly leaked online without the victims knowledge. In it, the friends of the young couple are seen filming them while doing the thing.

Part 2 of Claire scandal video is a set up inside a motel. That’s our wild guess because on a particular timeline of the video, the word “motel” is seen from the background.

Shocking impact to Rapbeh girl was also discussed in the post.

Claire Miralo allegedly committed suicide because of too many incidence of cyberbullying, public humilation, and hate messages coming from her bashers on the internet. A screenshot of the conversation showing the source of the rumor was also attached in the article.


However, a concerned relative of Rapbeh girl quickly released a note refuting the claim of the said source. The man named "Jhon Peter Santos" firmly denied the rumor that Claire took her life. In a post Jhon said Claire is alive and is still working in Angeles, Pampanga. From the same post, he said that they will go to Claire's location to discuss the sensitive matter.


Whether part 3 and part 4 of RapBeh scandal videos are true or not, the family and relatives of the depressed Claire Miralo are hoping that the copies of the sex footages will no longer be shared by netizens. They are allegedly seeking legal advice so they can request for proper investigation of the case. It is expected that they will file multiple charges on the courts once the suspects who uploaded the RapBeh videos will be identified.

As for our own opinion, we believe that Claire deserves the right to her own privacy. Since the videos have been leaked online, one important thing that we can do is to provide comfort to her by posting positive notes rather than promoting hate campaigns against her. It's true that she made a mistake, but that doesn't mean that she no longer have the right to be happy in her current situation.

Stop creating noise and let's instead support her so she can overcome the depression that she is experiecing right now. Let's be kind and treat her like any other human in this world!


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