claudine-barretto-raymart-porsche-car-photo-instagramAmid a family feud, actress Claudine Barretto posted two photos of her husband Raymart Santiago's luxury car on her Instagram account on Monday.

Claudine posted the first photo with the caption: "The Controversial Porsche" with her and daughter Sabina cleaning the car. The other photo, with the caption "Raymart's Porsche 1," was a closeup of the parked car.

Netizens believe the photos of Santiago's Porsche were posted in response to a tweet of her older sister, Gretchen Barretto.

"Yuck. You know what yuck is? Your husband walked out...What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place..Medical City,” Gretchen said in post, that has since been deleted, which many believe is meant for younger sister Claudine.


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