Angeline Quinto Cries, Sings Dance with My Father on ASAP

angeline-quinto-cries-singing-asapAngeline Quinto became emotional while singing the Luther Vandross' hit song , "Dance with My Father" on ASAP.

Quinto wasn't able to contain her emotions when she had her production number with Aldrich Talonding, the pinoy YouTube sensation who caught the attention of American TV host, Ellen DeGeneres. The singer, however, maintained her professionalism and finished her remarkable performance. At the latter part, host Toni Gonzaga quickly went into the stage and said, "Maraming-maraming salamat Angeline, I know it was such a hard song for you." Toni hugged Quinto, who was speechless at the time.

Here's the video.

The Reason Why Angeline Quinto Cried

Angeline Quinto’s father, Pop Quiros, was confined for four days in the hospital before he succumbed to death due to kidney failure last October 1st. And another sad thing that struck Angeline was her dad's long overdue reunion with her biological mother Rosemaria “Susan” Mabao, whom she just met last year

In an interview with PUSH, Angeline related that she made sure that her dad and mom would reconcile before her father's death. Though it was a bit late, Angeline Quinto asked her mother to visit and talk to her ailing dad.

“Tinawag ko na po si Nanay Susan kasi simula nung nakilala ko si Nanay Susan hindi pa sila nagkikita ni Papa. Alam ko rin ‘yung mga sama ng loob ng Papa ko kay Nanay Susan kaya nung nakita ko na ganon (na si Papa), tinawag ko na si Nanay Susan para kahit po papaano ay makapagusap sila,’ said Angeline.

Angeline even added that she would forever be proud of him as her father “… Kasi kung hindi dahil sakanya hindi ako makakarating dito kung nasaan man ako ngayon. Humihingi rin ako ng tulong sakanya na sana po makayanan po naming lahat ‘yon kasi may guardian angel na kami.” -report from ABS-CBNnews

In the case of Aldrich, he didn't realize the song would become true until his father died in June this year.

I can also relate to Angeline and Aldrich. Until this very moment, I still can't find a way to accept the fact that my dad is already gone for over five (5) years now. We didn't have time to dance but I always remember how happy I was when my father grabbed my mother and they danced inside our small nipa hut.

And to my previous co-worker and a friend(Noel), whose father just died last week, condolences to you brod!Let's stay strong! The angels in heaven are the ones giving the best comfort to our fathers!


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